Ties are the most common accessories for shirts. A tie completes the elegance of a tailor-made shirt or suit and adds an extra touch of perfection to your outfit. You can choose from various tie patterns: our ties come with floral and paisley patterns, stripes or they can simply be plain-coloured. In general ties are made from pure finest silk. A woollen or synthetic fibre interfacing guarantees the stability of the tie. This way the tie perfectly retains its shape. The tying of a tie can be achieved in a number of different ways, there being nearly 200 different types of tie knot. The right knot for the tie is dependent on the tie itself, the shape of the collar or the size of the man wearing it. Ties should be tied in such a way that the thicker end of the tie comes to slightly above the belt, with the thinner end of the tie about 2cm shorter.