A suit conveys competence and integrity and emphasises your personality. Below are some of the features that make the exclusive M2M Fashion suits stand out:

  • Our suits are 100% tailor-made and manufactured exactly to customer measurements
  • The manufacturing is of an outstanding quality and easily recognised as such by the discerning observer
  • The most distinctive feature of a M2M Fashion suit is the perfectly fitting shoulder area. The manufacturing of M2M Fashion suits is outstanding and compares favourably to high street fashion
  • You may choose from an almost unlimited choice of options and design your suit exactly according to your personal wishes
  • The selection of fabrics is broad – there are designs available to suit everyone

Moreover, you may choose from these additional options:

  • Coloured monograms inside the jacket
  • Lapel stitching, also available in contrasting colours
  • Coloured linings contrasting with the outer shell, also available with paisley patterns
  • Pipings of the lining that give an additional fashionable touch