Introducing… the one and only… Mother our heart of the M2M Fashion Network

Many users/customer haven’t the foggiest idea about how an internet site functions from the inside. So we’d like to show you how our good old Mother – our server system that is – is built and how she works. By the way the nickname “Mother” came about at the time when the servers were stretched to their limits and were always breaking down.

Mother’s Parlour

If someone says “servers” to you perhaps you think of huge cupboards with whirling magnetic tapes all very cool and spacey. But that’s only part of it. Most servers now are just standard PCs – only they look a bit different. For easy installation in the computer center, they have a pre-set width of 19 inches (around 48cm) and are quite slim so they can be slotted into the big cabinets just like drawers. The housing is simple and practical – no glowing fans or fancy optics. Just a few blinking lights.

The servers are fitted in the server cabinets – row after row of them in a big room at the computer center. This room is fully air conditioned because such a mass of servers in one heap produce an awesome amount of heat. And a great deal of noise. It’s not exactly a pleasant place to work because you get cold air coming up from the floor around your middle and a blast of hot air in your face. Not really the place for an old lady – but Mother seems to cope well with it all! :o)
M2M Fashion Network Mother Server Structure
A noise like 1,000 hair dryers running all at once :-/

The long long way to Mother

The internet has revolutionised human communication like only smoke signals, the invention of the printing press or the telephone before it.

When you click on a link in your Web browser, your computer immediately sends tiny data packets on a long journey. These are first squeezed down your telephone/DSL line to your internet provider where a kind of land map (navigation system) is read to see where the packets are going and what’s the best route for them.

Packets addressed to Mother go to Hamburg/Stockholm/London/LosAngeles/Bangkok/Singapore via the lines of your provider and the data highway which is a high-speed network of optical fibres. Mother’s answers take the same route back to your own PC where the data packages are shown as new pages on your Web browser. Some of these lines go round the whole world.

Ideally, data transport should only take a fraction of a second – which is pretty incredible if you think of it. Every now and then just like on the best motorways a traffic jam happens or an exit gets blocked. Then traffic takes a little longer and delays set in.

M2M Fashion Network, Gigabit Network

These red coloured wires feed Mother with tasty data titbits from all over the world. They are designed to carry 1000Mbit/s - that's equivalent to around 125 books. Per second!

Mother’s human side

Deep inside the system lies her brain – the database servers. Their magnetic disks store all the data users enter in the system – your profile texts, your photos and even your dick size. When you change your profile, make searches in the search engine, or message some interesting guy, all your jobs will end up stored on our databases.

Only you never come into direct contact with Mother’s brain. Because whenever you call up one of the Web sites of the M2M Fashion Group Network, your computer speaks with one of our Web servers. They’re Mother’s body and her heart, ears, eyes and mouth.

The data packets from your computer are read by Mother’s watchful eyes. Either she gives a straightforward reflexive answer or she has to dig up some stored stuff. In this case the Web servers call up the database brain. Then they dynamically create an HTML web page out of this data in a split second. Then Mother packs up the data in a cute blue jacket and send them via her mouth back to you.

So that the old girl can keep going when her eye or tongue gets heavy we’ve given her a number of eyes, ears and mouths – she’s even got a number of brains and hearts. In computer jargon we speak of a Cluster. The individual parts of Mother’s Cluster are connected up by a nervous system of copper wires and optical fibre cables that works like a living organism. We’ll spare you the details of how it all works in the hard wiring!

Another server called the Load Balancer ensures equal distribution of the data packets across all the brains in the cluster. It also constantly checks on Mother’s blood pressure and key body values. The second it spots something not working properly, it sounds the alarm, removes the faulty server from the cluster and notifies the Admins. In most cases our users have no idea that all this is going on. It’s only when things go truly pear-shaped that you’ll see our blue breakdown page on your screen but – thanks heavens – we hadn’t had to activate that for quite some time now. Click here to read that things didn’t always run so smoothly!

M2M Fashion Network, Clusterserver

Mother from her very best side - isn't she just gorgeous?

Functional operations for M2M Fashion Network also include a few more systems like the Firewall Server which protects Mother from attacks by bad boys from cyberspace. A Mail Server and a connected Ticket System help our Admins to deal with Support enquires.
Mother needs a lot of looking after

Because Mother’s built out of some many different organs, she needs lots of tender loving care. There’s always something that can fail or that needs replacement. That’s why our technical gurus,are always in Hamburg/Germany and Bangkok/Thailand giving her a new hip or a replacement kidney.

M2M Fashion Network Server Datacenter

She needs her hugs and kisses too!

All of this stuff happens in the background. It’s been continually built up and developed over the past few years and will continue to be so in future so that Mother stays fresh and fit for you and the whole of the M2M Fashion Group Network.